Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative-Phase 2

May 25, 2012 - 5:00pm

A Partnership among the California Community Foundation, the Center for Nonprofit Management, La Piana Consulting, The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, UCLA Center for Civic Society, and the Weingart Foundation.

Over 300 nonprofit organizations (700+ executive staff and board members) gathered at the California Science Center on April 24th to learn about the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative (NSI).   The Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative is designed to support organization interested in exploring and pursuing partnerships that can have a significant positive impact on the community.  If your organization is ready to explore partnerships with another organization, you have the opportunity to do so through participation in Phase 2 of NSI.  For more information and to apply for Phase 2 of the Nonprofit Sustainability Intitiative, please go to: before applications close on May 25th.