Rishwain Award

Rishwain Award

The Rishwain Award, sponsored by Brian Rishwain '87, a successful entrepeneur and attorney, seeks to recognize UCLA students who bring an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit to social justice work.  While working on their undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees, this year's applicants to the third annual Rishwain Social Justice Entrepreneur Award are actively addressing issues such as foster youth, community organizing, language and literacy barriers, education, hunger, and criminal justice, just to name a few.  

The 2013 winners included:

Lawrence Grey Berkowitz, UCLA education grad student and part-time middle-school music teacher for his work in reinventing music class.  His method — a blend of songwriting, recording, audio production and self-esteem building — is Berkowitz’s way of keeping the arts in schools despite budget-slashing, and stoking kids’ creativity while also teaching traditional and technological literacy to students in low-income neighborhoods.

Betzabel Estudillo,  a graduate student in social welfare at the Luskin School. Estudillo has been instrumental in providing mental health services and support for undocumented students and youth who suffer from anxiety, depression and substance abuse stemming from their legal status. Estudillo brought the CIRCLE Project (The Collective of Immigrant Resilience through Community Led Empowerment) to UCLA.  

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Bryan Pezeshki Rishwain Award presentation

Brian Rishwain (right) is pictured with 2011 award recipient Bryan Pezeshki, who founded Swipes for the Homeless a campus group that helps mitigate hunger both on and off campus through an innovative use of unused meal card “swipes.”  Swipes for the Homeless has since been named a Champion of Change by the White House Campus Champions of Change Challenge.   



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For information on the Rishwain Award, contact Stan Paul, 310-206-8966 or paul@publicaffairs.ucla.edu.